Our geographic information systems allows us to offer our clients an important tool to facilitate the administration of their assets, especially when they are geographically distributed, in order to improve the management of resources in the field.

Project progress status management

In our platform it is possible to review the state of progress of a work, by using an intelligent process of information loading, that allows you to see online and in several platforms at the same time, different reports, such as construction status, quality and environmental informs.

Displaying Supplementary Information

We collect all spatial information from different platforms within the company and make it available to our customers on our system, to empower an integrated analysis of asset management.

Link to project-specific information

Our platform allows linkage with different types of complementary information that has a geospatial component, such as field photographs, plans or PDF files of different points in space.

Generation of reports

Given the amount of information collected, our platform allows the automatic generation of reports to share quickly and efficiently the progress of a work, personnel management or any historical report.

Spatial analysis modules

We have the capacity to generate different modules of spatial analysis for different types of industry, given the conformation of our technical team, we can generate websites, mobile applications and identification of different elements by using satellite images.

Generation of elements using satellite imagery

Using high resolution satellite images, we can identify through an intelligent management process different types of soil types, vegetation or infrastructure in the field, making it easier for our customers to take decisions.

Generation of optimal routes for different ones

We offer our customers this module that identifies different optimal routes for several technologies, such as the best route to build a road, to make an electrical route and the best route within an electrical distribution network.

Personnel management module in the field

We can develop and implement specific modules for the efficient loading of information in the field of work events and different activities of the personnel in the ground, in order to be able to review it and generate reports in a comfortable and agile way.

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Project Completed


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