Innspatial expands its business network in Europe

For more than a year, Innspatial has been developing activities to consolidate its presence in Europe, mainly in Germany, a country that it wants to use as its commercial platform for the rest of Europe. Activities started in the beautiful city of Heidelberg. The choice of this university-city is not accidental, due to the natural proximity of the Chilean company with the prestigious oldest university in Germany and the alma mater of numerous Nobel laureates. Without going any further, the own Project Manager in Germany, Anna Palm, is an alumni of this university.

«Innspatial’s closeness to the University of Heidelberg has come naturally because twenty percent of Innspatial’s management team members have studied at that university,» says Palm. This is the case of the CTO, Luis E. Bastías, who is currently preparing his Master of Science thesis and of Arlene Ebensberger, a senior consultant at Innspatial.

On the other hand, the ties with the neighboring city of Karlsruhe are also close, especially with the Karslruhe Institut für Technologie (KIT), from which the startup RiskLayer, a strategic partner of Innspatial in Germany and which is dedicated to generating maps of risks using sophisticated predictive algorithms.

«We are especially interested in boosting our businesses in Germany,» says the CEO of Innspatial, Pablo Pérez, who last year had important contacts with German companies in the NRW and Bavaria regions, exploring new services for companies in the electrical, telecommunications and utilities.

This year Innspatial is exploring the implementation of an Artificial Intelligence monitoring service for the wind industry in Germany, for this reason, it is being approached with Universities, companies and providers related to this Non-Conventional Renewable Energy industry.

The services that Innspatial is offering in Europe are:

Spatial Intelligence Area

Satellite imagery processing for Climate Change analysis

Satellite images are not photographs, but layered arrays of radiation data, ranging different frequencies and surface temperature.

By analyzing these data, it is possible to establish – for example – humidity and vegetation, and detect changes.

Progress status & management – GIS cloud

Software as a Service web application for managing personnel and equipment located in the field.

Connection with GIS (Geographic Information System) web server.

Mobile APPs to project status

Smartphone application for managing personnel and equipment in the field.

Connection with GIS (Geographic Information System) web server.

Artifitial Intelligence Area

Aerial debris with AI

Starting from in the field video recording and tracking, we provide assessment of aerial debris and other elements, by using machine learning and computer vision software.

Birds monitoring in Wind farms with AI

Detection and monitoring of birds by means of images captured by on field cameras, and processing by machine learning systems.

Identification of key elements in Service Stations with AI

Using surveillance cameras and machine learning software, we can monitor flows of people, cars and other key elements.

Satellite radar imagery and predictive process with AI

Combining satellite radar images with predictive stochastic models, we can monitor and make forecasts of failures in underground networks.

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